How To Know Wifi Password On Windows 10

Sometimes we forget the Wifi password of our router, and we don't know how to get back that password, or if you just want to connect to another device but you forget your wifi password, this post is about how to identify your wifi password if you already have computer or laptop that connected to that wifi network.

We are gonna using windows 10 for the demonstration, but any other windows is almost using the same menu and interface, so it it is not gonna be harder to follow if you are using other version than windows 10.

1. Go to control panel, under Network and internet, click view network and internet status.

2. After network sharing center opened, click your connected wifi name.

3. Then when pop-up wifi status appear, click wireless properties.

4. In wireless properties click security tab, then check the show character checkbox, now you can see your password.

After you have the password, you can try connecting your other device using that shown password, test it if it's correct or not.

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