Google Drive File Manager System

Google Drive In Browser

Google drive is file storage system made by Google, it used to store our file usually when we attached a file into our email that we usually send, not just email, Google drive also integrated with other google products, like google photos, so when we take a picture with our Android smartphone, it is save to google drive.

Google drive is good to keep our file safe, so it is also used for backup our data, in case we delete it in real computer files system, if we use google drive you can get back the files, except if you also delete your file in google drive.

Google drive available in many platform, in mobile and desktop, so it is easy to keep using google drive event we are on our Windows PC or Linux or Mac book. In every device that has web browser.

The bad thing about Google drive is because it is connected to internet, we don't like cloud system, because internet connection is still a problem, even if we are in developed country, uploading and downloading file is still quite long and stressful to wait. And Google drive is not free, like any other cloud system, we know that, it cost so much to maintain their server. But if they can cut their price a bit cheaper, we can use it as our cloud, because Google drive is the best in its kind.

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