Lightshot The Best Screen Capture Program For Your PC

Lightshot the fastest way to customize screenshot

If you want to take screenshot of your computer, Lightshot is the right program you can use, it is handy, useful, so light weight so that it took no time for installation. So if you don't have it already you can go to their official website, download it and install it, it's gonna be so fast, you don't to wait to long quickly you can use it after the installation process is finished.

Not only you can use Lightshot to take screenshot of your computer, it also has feature like pencil, eraser, adding text, etc, so you don't another program to for example to make outline or marking your taken image, it's available after you took the screenshot.

You can also save your screenshot on their cloud service, so you can share your picture to other people just by sending the link of your image. It's really useful yet simple and light software, i don't take much of your computer resources, so your computer can still be running faster without interrupted.

If you want to download Lightshot, you can go by this link, click the download button and start installation.


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