Where To Create Post Category On Blogger?

If you are new to Blogger and then decide to create a post and want to categorizing your posts and confuse where or how to do that, this post will try to help you. Blogger doesn't have category, but instead it has Labels, it work the same as categories does, just the naming is different.

To create a label of your posts, locate to the right side bar or post setting on blogger editor, click labels and start typing your label, if your post has many labels, you can separate them with comma (,)  so for example: My First Label, Second Label, Other.

Blogger Label Location

So now, you can create label as your post category, it doesn't matter, label work the same as a category, basically grouping your posts into one or many similar label. So it can make it easier for your audience to find some post they want based on their interest on the label name.


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