Paypal The Easiest Way To Pay


Paypal is one of the most popular online payment system in the world, it's been operated since a while and it's still growing in transactions, some report says it has 143 billion dollar transaction volume in the 3rd quarter of 2018 alone. With that number, it is no doubt that Paypal is being used and trusted by people around the world as their payment system, in online transaction.

Yes as long as i know, Paypal can only be used in online store, while you checkout on some online store, etc, you can't use Paypal to buy something offline. Maybe in the future they will look forward into that field. But they still making huge amount on the current field, you know Paypal fees is about 2.9%, so if we take the number, they would made about 2.9% of 143 billion, about 1.4 billion within just 3 months, still a big income for the company.

I used Paypal sometime because it is so easy when i am buying some stuff online, it is more faster than other method like online bank transfer, etc. And most people i know sometimes just want me to use Paypal as a transaction payment, so i just OK i will do that.

The bad news is that not many online store provide Paypal option on their payment system, so sometimes it's kind of maybe Paypal is not trusted or not so good on their perspective, or maybe there's some technical difficulties on implementing Paypal on their system, or Paypal is kind of the tool for money laundering, etc, i don't know, maybe there's just some reason why people still don't use Paypal.

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