Wikipedia Is The Most Complete Encyclopedia wiki about wikipedia

Wikipedia is the most complete encyclopedia about almost anything in the world. It describes in range from history, sciences, politic and even the smallest unimportant subject. It's so complete in almost aspects, and free to use. They are so large so almost everything we search in Google, they are almost always on the top of the result.

The information that available is free to use, free to copy and also free to edit,even you can contribute to Wikipedia if you have some useful information that's not described on there. You can collaborate with another Wikipedia contributor to make Wikipedia become better in explaining every useful information we need.

Wikipedia is maintained under The non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Because the size of the data they have, and it's not managed by big company, and they are free services, it is hard for them to maintaining their data, they need lot of money to keep their server running. So in other to keep Wikipedia exists, you can help them by donating some sum of money under their donation link.

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