How To Create Laravel Project In PhpStorm

Laravel is the most widely used PHP Framework in today's web development, it is modern, clean and have so many features you can use to make coding experience less painful. It is recommended for newest PHP projects you will create to use Laravel or at least using any other similar modern PHP framework.

You can use advanced IDE to create your Laravel project to be much easier, you can use PhpStorm, a PHP IDE created by Jetbrains. It helps you develops your project much more faster, then if you just creating your project using simpler text editor and by the help of terminal.

Here's some simple start to create a Laravel Project in PhpStorm:

1. Open PhpStorm, click new project
2. After that choose Composer. On the project location, choose your project folder, on filter package, search for 'laravel/laravel' then select that package. Then click the Create located on the right bottom of the dialog.

PhpStorm new project laravel dialog

Now wait for all dependencies are downloaded into your local project, after that your project is ready, now you can see your Laravel project structure like this picture below. 

PhpStorm laravel project sturcture

After that, you can start coding and debugging your code using Laravel and PhpStorm.

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