Java Programming Language

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There are tons of programming language out there, there is new and shining like Kotlin, and there is old powerful C and C++. Some are vanish and some are thriving and become the main tool of many programmer. Java is one of the old still popular and still reliable unbeatable programming language. Java with their JDK and JVM is undoubtedly the most brilliant idea in the tech world. It allows you to develop your projects into manageable codes and run your code in every machine, it's really cool stuff.

The problem with Java is, it can be really hard for beginner, so it makes many new programmer getting confused about how big and clunky the language is. It's certainly not an easy language to begin with, there is so many alternative like PHP and Javascript for new comers, but then when you really serious in the world of software development, you need to choose better programming language, and Java is the choice for so many people who had been coding for living.

In professional world, Java is the one with big demand, so many companies really want programmer with skills in Java related technology.

I've been programming for about 5 years now and it is my year to begin and start coding using Java, it is really big things for me because it is new to me, i never coding in Java before, so far i really enjoyed using it. I know there must be so much frustration on my way to finally become really good in Java programming.


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