How To Install Microsoft SQL Server Free Version

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most widely used Database in the world, because of it's capability to a bigger think, for example as a database for network cloud or any other thing in enterprise scale.

Don't worry if you are just person who wonder about SQL server and wanna give a try, you can download free version of it, of course it is just for your computer and can be used as real database. You can follow these steps to install SQL Server.

1. Go to SQL Sever download page here.

2. Select free version of it, the developer edition, download the installer and install it.

3. Choose basic settings, then Accept the agreement.

4. And just wait until SQL server installer finishing the process.

Now after it finished, to make sure SQL server is running, you may open command line and type:

sqlcmd -S localhost -E

You can test some SQL queries, let do some simple SQL query to check version of our SQL Server:

select @@Version



For the SQL Sever management studio, you can check this download link here. Note that SSMS it is a really huge program, 800 mega bytes in size.


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