Build Mobile App Using JQuery Mobile

Smartphone is everywhere, everyone has at least one on their hand, if you have an idea or product in technology, developing mobile app is a good decision. Besides, building mobile app is not as hard as everyone thought. You can build your mobile app by using many different type of programming language, you can use programming language you've been experienced in. You can use Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Using JQuery Mobile, it make mobile app development much more simpler and easier, you can build incredible UI using JQuery mobile and by only using simple text editor and browser, you can write and debug your code much more faster than using any advanced IDE.

It is not a bad decision to choose JQuery mobile over native solution like using Java in Android studio, besides you can be more focus on creating rather than learning new thing if you don't have any experience in other programming language or tools. You can deploy your app on Play store much faster.

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