BukaLapak The Largest Marketplace In Indonesia

Bukalapak.com web version

Bukalapak is one of the largest marketplace in Indonesia. It is quite big and almost anything you want is there you can just browse using the search field. It is thriving and attracting many consumer to use their platform. They have lots of promos and events to make them not just survive from competition in the tech world, but also maybe could be the the tech giant in the world someday, we don't know.

As many other marketplace, they allow you to sell your product, new or used, fake or original, it doesn't matter, as long as the product is in good condition, you can just take picture and upload on buka lapak and start selling that product, and maybe making some money.

For buyer, it has good interface, supporting many platform, not just web, but also you can download their mobile on either Android Playstore or iOS Apple Store. It is slightly better to use the mobile version, because sometime the promo they made only works if you are running on mobile app, it can be done with the web version.

The problem with Bukalapak or many other Indonesian based tech company is, they need more resource in filtering some product that shouldn't be there because it's illegal, or some user that also shouldn't be there because maybe they doing illegal thing, like scamming, etc. But overall, they doing some good work on fixing not just the scammer, but from security of use account, and many other thing.

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