Why Is My Windows 10 Slow?

If you are using Windows you might face the same problem as other Windows user to, i am one of those user who experiences the frustrating thing when i want to operate my computer, slowness of computer using Windows 10.

To diagnose what program causing your computer so slow, you can open the task manager by right click on task bar and click task manager.

Open task manager by right click on task bar

After the task manager opened, you can look which program is running an using to much of your either CPU, Disk or Memory. If it's turn read or rich 100%, it means that your computer dosn't have anymore resource to use, so if you want another program, it need to wait until the previous program is finish executing the task.

Task Manager List of Program

In the task manager, CPU indicate something going on with your Processor, if your processor is an old version, it is better to upgrade to the newest release one. Disk is about what disk you are using, to make your computer faster, you can upgrade to SSD disk type. And Memory is about how much memory is being used, the bigger the better, for Windows 10 at least you need 8 Giga Bytes of memory.

It is actually not at all your operating system to blame for this inconvenience thing, Windows is doing well when come to optimizing software they made, they want everything to be smooth and fast. But because of your hardware kind of cheap and low in specs, it made Windows not operating smoothly. So main thing you should do is nothing but upgrading your hardware, if you don't, it will be slow forever even if you have did everything tricky stuff you found on the internet.

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