PhoneGap Converting Web To Mobile App

Phonegap is one of the most handy tool if you want to create an Android app. It is not actually easy, it easy in case you already know HTML, CSS and Javascript. Becuase those language is easier then the language used by official Android. And Beside in mobile world, there's not just android, there is also IPhone and windows phone. It is not easy if you are not a big company, you need to have one side android developer and IOS on the other side.

HTML, CSS and Javascript  are slightly more modern and its difficulty level is can be categorized low. Building UI on the web is much more fun and if you have some trouble or face difficulties, you can easily find solution on the web, because it has larger community support.

Phonegap is a converter from web based app to Android, IOS and Windows App. Basically you just develop your app on mobile view, debugging etc using Javascript, and Ajax technology to communicate with your web services. If you want to start developing app using this technology, you can go to Phonegap website

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