What and How Google Make Money?

Google Homepage

Google is company that have multiple sub companies mainly provides an advertising solution for some other companies to advertise their product through platform they created called google ad words. Google have and own some platform to put on ads like Google search, Youtube, Gmail, and many more. And Google also own the biggest mobile operating system, Android, which they can also place ads on it, mostly on Google Playstore.

Youtube is platform where people can share original video like video blog, gaming videos or other types of videos so other people can watch it for enteirtaintment purpose. And google search is their most and original product created by Lary Page and Sergey Brin in 1998.

Google as company is one of the tech giant, it made lot and lots of money every single day. Google in the world besides Facebook or Amazon, they grossed billions of dollar every year, million of dollars every single minutes. They are all based on California, United States. Specifically Google is located on Silicon valley.

Google have everything in technology, if they want, they can build anything whatever it's seem impossible for us today.

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