How To Install PHP In Windows

PHP is great programming language, it is widely used in modern web application in the world, they have lot of user bases and growing user communities and group. It is gonna be an advantage if you understand the language. And if you are just beginner and confused about how you gonna do or starting. This is really simple step you need to follow, a guide to install PHP on windows and start learning it as your first language.

1. Go to PHP download page, the latest current version is 7.2 here's the link:

Choose the zip version, and extract it after you finished download, in whichever folder you want, but you need to remember that path.

2. Copy the path from your extracted PHP file that you've been download earlier, and then add it to your windows system path. Enviroment variable >> System >> Path >> New

(path extraction)

(path environment variables)

3. Now you can start to testing it by open windows command line and type:

php -v

4. Starting from PHP 7, you can start PHP native server, you can doing that by open cmd and locate to  your project path and type:

cd C:\Users\AdamPC\OneDrive\Documents\my_php_projects

php -S localhost:8000

(my php projects contains index.php with phpinfo() function int it)


5. Go to browser and enter http://localhost:8000


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