How To Install NodeJS And Access It Through Command Line On Windows 10

NodeJS is one of  the hot new Programming language, it is entirely new language, because it's just basically a JavaScript running on server, so they put some new features into that JavaScript we already knew.

To install NodeJS on windows, follow the steps below carefully:

1.  Go to, click the windows installer (msi) for 64bit like this picture below highlighted on read square.

2. Click that installer file and follow the installation wizard, usually you just have to click 'Next' and OK.

3. After installation process was completed, NodeJS is now running on your computer, you may open start menu and find Node.js application, it is actually console application.

Node is now can be run on your computer.

But if you just open Windows command line and typing node, it didn't exist yet, it will says something like 'node' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.' you need to add node to environment path.

Start menu and find 'Edit the system environment', open the program follow this short instruction:

Click on environment variables

Click New, then add nodejs path, which by default is located under C:\Program Files\nodejs

Click OK and now you can reopen windows cmd then type


Now you can write some JavaScript code, like for example

console.log("Hello World!")


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