How To Rotate Image In Gimp 2

By using Gimp you can doing simple thing with images, like cropping, resizing or rotating with ease. And Gimp also capable of doing something more advanced. The reason for people using is its lightweight and of course free, you can open gimp in no time, it just open as soon as you double click the program. That's what makes Gimp is so special.

For this task, we are gonna do some simple image rotating using Gimp, if you just starting using this program maybe you need need guide because your so confused or just not getting familiar with it.

To rotate your image you just open the program, then open the image you want to edit. Then on the toolbox click the rotating tool. It looks like this.

Then you can using your mouse to rotate the image or you can input the number of the angle manually, after that just click rotate and now your image is successfully being rotated. That's about it, it is so easy and simple.

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