Medium Blogging Platform

Blogging is something fun to do if you are passionate on writing. You can express your thought, your emotion or your way to do something within a blog post. In this day, it is really easy and free for you to start a blog. One of the recent booming blog platform is Medium.

Medium is great place to create your blog, you can write and publish your writing and their community will lead you to gain audience. It's easier to get more audience on Medium than in any other blogging platform, because their community, with their paid membership.

When you write on medium, you mostly need kind of advance level of writing technique because their reader and most of other writer on Medium is really look professional writer, they will write long and detail writing, they gave their personal insight put on it. So you if you decide to write on Medium you need to be more than ordinary blogger.

You can also make money with Medium, but off course it is hard and again you need to be a great writer. Your writing should be good, long and detail or you maybe got banned. I don't know i never doing so it is maybe not that harsh. You can try it your self.

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