Mi 8 Lite - Good Looking Smarthphone

Chinese Phone is everywhere, it's because it's price is so way below IPhone or Samsung, but also have quality not far from those high-end phone.

Xiomi is one of electronic manufacturer headquarter in China, it's been producing some types of phone, they call Redmi, Pocopohne and Mi Phone. Mi 8 Lite is one of Mi type phone, it is the eighth version of Mi series.

Mi 8 has glass as it's case, so it makes this phone look trendy and cool. That's the main commercial slogan of this phone "Colors that keep things interesting", it has gradient color within it's body, make this phone looks one of flagship phone out there, even though it's price is cheaper than those flagship phone.

It's selfie camera using Sony with 24MP, it's really has quality in this specs. And it's main camera is not that disappointing, it is 12MP + 5MP AI dual camera, Dual Pixel Auto-focus, 1.4μm pixels.

Screen is 6.26" with notched display. Quite big and with it's notch make it look more beautiful and eleven.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 AIE processor is used. This chip-set is already fast enough if you using it for gaming in standard resolution, and it doesn't consume you battery life too much. And it's battery capacity is not that big, but it's enough for a day.

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