Postman Program To Debugging Web Service

Postman User Interface

Doing debugging while developing your program is really hard and sometimes really stressful. It is not that we don't have ability to solve the problem, it is because sometimes we don't use the right tool for doing complex development task.

For web developer, handling HTTP requests is the routine task to do in daily basis, there are some types of HTTP request such as GET, POST, PUT, etc. For GET requests, it is more easier you don't need other header, basically just can just open the browser and type the requested URL, and that's all about GET.

But if we want to debug some specific request like POST or PUT, we can not just typing the URI request on the browser and enter, we need to specifying some header, like field name and value on the body of HTTP request we made. To do this task, developer can use such tool like Postman.

Postman is tool for HTTP request, you can set whether it is GET or POST request, and you can set some variable or data you want to send. It is really handy tool and must be used for one of your main tool if doing HTTP handling programming. And the program User Interface looks so modern and so easy to use even if we are just a beginner.

You can download Postman on their official web linked here:


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