How To Uninstall Angular CLI, The Angular Framework

Angular uninstall on Windows 10

If you are already using or installing Angular CLI on your machine and maybe there's some trouble or condition you might face so that you want to be able to uninstall it, and reinstall again later, you can follow this steps to completely uninstall Angular CLI.

Start by open your terminal (for mac OS and Linux) or command line in Windows, and then type the following lines of command, enter these commands line by line

npm uninstall -g @angular/cli
npm cache clean

If you've getting some troubles removing the angular CLI on windows, you might open command line using Administrator privileges. Or if you are using Linux or mac, just put 'sudo' in front of  'npm' command, then enter your password and hit enter, wait until the terminal process completed.

Now your Angular CLI has been eradicated from your computer. If you want to install it again you might close the terminal or cmd and reopen the terminal again. To install any other node packages using NPM, just use command npm install the-package-name. It will then installed on the node_modules directory.

Angular CLI is a tool for developing Angular application, it is the framework based on Javascript and one of the booming among other. It is because with Angular, you can develop or create web application UI in robust and less stressful way.

Uninstall angular CLI is just the same as any other uninstall steps of any other node packages. You can go to the Angular-CLI package from here You can read the quick introduction, installation, and any other usage of angular CLI.

Why people using Angular, it is hyped by many Javascript enthusiast out there, why is it such good deal creating and developing using Angular? I think it is because is a Google product, whatever Google is the part of some projects, some crazy hipster will start to scream to other hipsters and telling that it is good product of the future. It is not entirely incorrect,  Google has so much talented coders in there, they can make everything look so futuristic and different from other.


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