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Hacker New has been exists for quite a long time, it is for me the best source kind of news feed about technology on this universe. It's simply just contains bunch of list of the latest blog or web post from any source related to technology and science. I don't have more detail on who or how they organized, but for sure it is an amazing web.

If you want to go to Hacker News follow this link https://news.ycombinator.com/. It is simple and old classic web interface, not much can you expect from the UI, but it doesn't matter, we need more contains and great list of web, we don't need great UI but contains just useless things.

There are some menu you can click. "Welcome" is which you can read their greeting or some information about hacker news. "New" is basically just homepage, but it is more update, i don't know the difference between home and new. Other menu, it is straightforward to the contents, so it doesn't need to be explained.


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