Why I am Using Visual Studio Code?

For software developer, a good IDE is a must, and there are lots of good IDE out there, with their own one or more special thing that makes it different than their competitor. This post is just kind of an introduction of Visual Studio Code, more detail about this software will be available in this blog not so long from now.

One of my favorite IDE is Visual studio code, it is new IDE came not so long ago, and it's booming and growing popularity so fast. It is because this IDE is free and kind of using modern GUI system. Also it has a lot of tools and plugins to support you on working on so many different programming language. I mainly use it as a front end IDE.

What's make this IDE so good so that so many people using it and over talk about it. Here's 3 things i really like about VS code.

1. Intelsense

It's about when you type some word then the IDE recommend you the full syntax of your related programming language, in case you completely forget the right syntax or if you just want to do it faster. it is like autocomplete in simple word, it can do a lot more like those of non free IDE.

2. Git

It supports git version control, if you don't know git at this moment, what are you? You can't coding by only using your hand, it is not acceptable, you need team, and that's why you need to use git. In visual studio code, using git can be more easier.

3. Extensions

I've already talk about this in the beginning that VS code supporting so many development environment, you can write any types of programming language using just Visual studio code, to do it, you can find some useful free extensions that you can install, and you can be more productive.

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