Windows 10 In A Nutshell

Window 10 Desktop Start Menu

Windows 10 is the next version of many others says the failed Windows 8. It is completely the most reasonably the best Windows release so far. It is change so many aspect in its look or UI (User Interface), if you are using Windows 7, and it has Windows app store, so you don't need to browse via web anymore to install some program you want. Its improvement in a nutshell is about an OS that implement IOT (internet of thing), which is basically sending what ever your data to the internet, like your location, your internet browsing, etc. Because you constantly sending your activities on computer it can make Windows to better understand about you.

In case you you need to know a bit about Windows, if you maybe really new in computer or technology. Windows is one of the most popular and the most used desktop OS. It's been more than 35 years since it came out at 1983, the OS still be the choices for computer user in the world. The thing that make Windows still popular is because it is easy to use, and have been thought by people around the world in school in internet continuously. Besides,  under the tech giant, Microsoft, Windows is continuously improve year after, making them better and better version after version.

The improvement they made including how to make the user interface of windows looks more modern, simple, and fast. Within Windows 10, all of that aspects of how good software should be is on it, any Windows 10 native program is mostly renewed, from the control panel to media player, all of it have been improvised by Microsoft, which make them running smooth, easy to use and more rich in features.

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