How To Add SQL Server Database On Netbeans Service

SQL Server is kind of premium Enterprise level of database available on the world. It is capable of running faster queries, storing a lots of data and all about everything. Using Microsoft SQL server database may be the best solution if you want to handle complex transaction on your system.

You can using Netbeans to manage your SQL database, but it is limited only for some simple database task, but then you can using raw query if you have some skill on it. The first thing you need to do for your Netbeans working with SQL server is adding its service to Netbeans. Adding SQL server service on Netbeans service panel is easy, you can follow the steps below, here is simple steps how you can do it:

1. Open service tab, right click on database, then new connection

2. On the Driver section select Microsoft SQL Server, then click next

If Microsoft SQL server not available on the driver list, follow this step below:

- Donwload SQL Server JDBC jar library from this link

- Back to Netbeans Locate Driver dialogue, click driver drop down and then choose add new driver. Now add driver file you've been donwloaded

3. Next step, fill your SQL server configuration, like for example below

4. Then click Finish. And now you have SQL Server service on Netbeans, you can right click and connect. After that you can manage your database from Netbeans.

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