Setup VPN - Best VPN With Free Trial

Sometimes you need a VPN to hide your identity or to do another thing on the internet, there are many things you can do with VPN.

VPN provider is way to many out there, with so many option they offer. I don't really use VPN that much, sometimes i just need it four couple of minutes, so VPN with trial version that has premium feel is something i need. Setup VPN is what i need, it is fast and available on Google chrome extension. Yeah, i also only need VPN on Browser, not the entire internet connection on my device, and Setup VPN have that.

To install Setup VPN on Google Chrome, just got to this Google Chrome Store, follow this link Setup VPN Chrome Store, and click the blue button "Add To Chrome"

After adding to chrome, click Setup VPN icon on right side of the address bar, and you need to register at first. After registration, an email will be sent to you with your username and password on there, now you can login using that. After successfully logged-in, you may choose your prefered IP location, in this case, i will choose France.

If you have this kind of icon and notification, you've been successfully connected using VPN, it means that your real IP is hidden, and now can do anything on the internet.

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