Tokopedia The Most Popular Marketplace In Indonesia

Tokopedia Product List

Tokopedia one of the leading marketplace here in Indonesia. Many user consider it as the easiest place to buy something online. It has web and mobile platform available, most often the web is limited on promos, so people tend to be using their mobile app.

Actually the business Tokopedia made is in advertisement, it's as simple as if some store want to sell their product and want to make their product to be displayed on the top of the search list, they can buy an ads package for sum amount of money for some period of time, this kind of business id proved to be success and have great quantity of demand.

The world has been flooded by marketplace, it is everywhere, a lot of transactions happen in every single day, everyone tried to be exists in this industry, to provide an online market where anyone can sell and buy the product they have or they want. It is consumerism that leads this industry thriving. Some make it, some didn't, it's just kind of how the world works, Tokopedia is one example of success among many other that have been failed.


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