How To Create Spring Project On Netbeans IDE

Netbeans IDE is one of the oldest yest most used Java IDE, it is really good and have lot of tools, also support many Java Frameworks. You can of course do Spring coding on Netbeans IDE, it is really easy, and you can add many supported plugin if you want.

Spring is really modern and it is now choose by most of java web developer around the world, it is popular and have lot of community.

Let's start how you can develop your spring code in Netbeans IDE.

1. Open Netbeans, and click new >> maven >> web application, then next.

2. Then enter your project name, click next again.

3. Choose server, in my project i am using Wildfly 12, it is JBoss Wildfly, but you can use whatever you want, then click Finish. Wait until your project is created successfully.

4. After your project is created, right click on your project then properties. Select framework, then add new framework, choose Spring Web MVC.

4. Now you can test it by right click on your project name then run. Here's what my web application sample project looks like in the browser.

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