Running Whatsapp In Web Browser Is It Possible?

Whatsapp is undeniably the most popular chatting app, outside the US. Whatssap has simple look, and reliably so fast in sending and receiving messages, that's the reason why so many people choose to use Whatsapp. Its features including text chat, video call, and phone through internet connection.

I always using Whatsapp on web browser because almost all of my activities is me working with my laptop. It makes me more focus on work only using my laptop without even touching my phone when there's incoming message on my Whatsapp account, so i can be less multi tasking on using so many device, just open the browser and finishing my tasks.

Yes it is absolutely Possible to make your Whatsapp running on the web browser.

Web whatsapp running on web browser

Whatsapp available in so many platform, include using web browser, but if you use it on the browser, it can't make phone or video call,  only is available text messaging. These are some steps to make your Whatsapp running on browser, in this tutorial we are gonna use Google Chrome, but it's OK to use another web browser like Modzilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge or Explorer.

I have made a tutorial on using web Whatsapp on this blog link here :


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