How To Change Facebook Name

I have Facebook account, and several time using it because many people still using it, even though some says that you need quit Facebook, but for business reason, etc, Facebook is still widely used by many many people around the world. I still growing and popular.

If you mistakenly writing your Facebook account name, you still can change it, although it is restricted for about 2 month prior to last changes. So here's how you can change your name on Facebook.

1. Go to and login to your account. On the right top of the page, click the upside down triangle icon, and on the drop down click Settings.

2. Now on the settings page, click 'Edit'  on the right of you name, then you can type in your First Name, Middle or Last name, after finish typing click Review Change.

3. Pop up of your review change will shown, if you think that is correct name, you may type in your Facebook password and click Save Change.

Now your Facebook name will successfully be changed, now you may refresh Facebook page by click on F5 button of your key board, or right click and then refresh or reload.

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